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Educators and Learning Institutions

One World Dance & Drum PerformanceOne World Dance & Drum is committed to sharing the rich and incredible culture of Guinea, West Africa with students of all ages. Whether you are a preschool or a graduate university, we offer age-appropriate programming that will engage your students and expands their cultural awareness in a fun and enlivening way.

We offer a variety of customizable formats for sharing the music, dance and culture of this incredible African nation:


One World Dance & Drum PerformanceOur high energy assemblies offer a mix of cultural education, performance, and audience participation. We captivate students with traditional African drumming, dancing, singing and costumes, peaking their interest in this far away land. Your students will leave the assembly knowing something about the history, geography, languages, costumes, instruments and people of West Africa.

Depending on your needs, we can offer a stand alone assembly or multiple "sessions” for bigger schools.


Karim teaches drum workshopIf you are looking for a one time special opportunity for your students to participate with and learn about the amazing Guinean culture and art, the workshop format is for you. We offer fun and engaging workshops in traditional African dancing, drumming, singing, mask making, language learning, cooking, instrument making and/or costume making. Our workshops give your students the chance to be creative, work in groups, and gain cultural understanding and global awareness.

We are happy to work with you to customize your workshop experience to best fit your needs.


One World Dance & Drum ResidencyResidencies are an awesome intensive way for your students to really delve into and learn a deeper level of the culture, dance and drum of this very special place called Guinea. Our residency program can include in-depth study of traditional African dancing, drumming, singing, mask making, language learning, cooking, instrument making and/or costume making. Many residencies culminate in the participants showcasing what they have learned in a sort of grand finale African music, dance, and/or art show.

We can provide day-long, week-long, month-long and even semester-long intensives. We will work with you to support the unique structure and content of your curriculum.

Karim teaches drum workshop

Please contact us for more information or to start creating your customized multicultural event today!

What they're saying

"I have invited Sarah Lee to teach master classes at the UW on several occasions because our students are always inspired by her passion and impressed by her knowledge. She integrates education about the culture and music of Guinea into a joyful, yet demanding physical practice. Sarah Lee’s ability to break down complex movement so that it is easily accessible makes it a stunning execution of Guinean dance. "

-- Juliet McMains, PhD, Assistant Professor, University of Washington Dance Program

"I thought it was really powerful how the drums and the dance were so intertwined - the dance was all about embodying the music as opposed to being just paired with the music, which I really loved. And the fact that it was only drums made the dance really powerful for me as well - you could really feel the beat throughout your entire body and by the end of the class I felt like I was part of the drums!”
--UW student