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Credits and Acknowledgments

Words cannot ever, ever fully represent our love and appreciation for all of the extraordinary people who have contributed to us and the future of One World Dance & Drum. For all that you are, and for all that you have given, thank you.

Thank you to...

Our family... for always, always relating to us as bigger than we know ourselves to be, and teaching us right from wrong. For loving us unconditionally, and for giving us our lives.
  • John and Lee Parker
  • Doc, Frances and Sydney Parker
Our teachers...for giving your lives to Guinea and Guinean music and dance. The world is enormously enriched by who you are and what you do. We would never be who we are or have what we have without you.
Larry Swanson...for being the co-founder of this wild adventure. You will never know all the lives you have enormously impacted.

Professional Massage Therapy: Larry Swanson
Community Cultural Events: Seattle World Beat

The One World Dance & Drum Empowerment Team... for giving of yourselves selflessly and for generously standing for the mission and vision we see possible for the world.
  • Lauren Allen
  • Erin Gamet
  • Julia Koumbassa
  • Angela Nelson
  • Jeannine Widmann
The Guinea Kids Education FundBoard... for standing for a world where children get to fulfill on the possibilities they invent for themselves.
  • Marissa Baratian
  • Kim Copeland
  • Aimee Cruver
  • Alya Koumbassa
  • Julia Koumbassa
  • Karim Koumbassa
  • Sarah Lee Parker
  • Lisa Sanderson
Ilona Berzups... for your patience, guidance and invaluable experience in developing a professional website for us. For being meticulous, impeccable, generous and a great woman.
Professional websites: The Next Page
Mission-based photography: Ilona Berzups Photography

Sara Porter... for your generosity and patience in designing our banner and logo, an exact artistic expression of who One World Dance & Drum is in the world. For being an incredible friend.

Janet Peck...for being our fanta-bulous Guinea Cultural Trip co-leader. Fun, caring, energetic, loving, silly and a great listener...you are exactly who we all need you to be.

The One World Dance & Drum Band...for being there...every class, every practice, every performance, every party, every time. For 14 years you have created beautiful music for the rest of us to feel and express our joy.

Photographers and videographers...for your generosity in allowing us to use your photos and videos throughout our website to share what we are up to.

  • Amir Bahadori
  • Ilona Berzups
  • David Casteal
  • Ivone Etzioni
  • Lee Parker
  • Janet Peck
  • Lilli Rannikko
  • Scott Tucker
  • Siri Wood
Landmark Education...for brilliantly and boldly empowering and enabling people to have what they want in life. Without Landmark Education, there would be no One World Dance & Drum.

And to the countless others who have trusted, believed and invested in us. We thank you.